Analysis of Disruptions in the Renewable Energy Ecosystem

Submitted by Veronika Muller on 10 June 2020

Summary of the European Alliance Against Coronavirus Daily Webinar on 8 June 2020 

In the meeting on 8 th June, the European Alliance Against Coronavirus started the analysis of current disruptions in the renewable energy ecosystem with the support of Cluster WAB e.V.,  focused on offshore wind industry in Germany and the leading of business network for onshore wind energy. The association, with 250 members which represent the entire value chains of wind industry, fosters the production of green energy from wind energy.

During the pandemic, WAB is reporting the main disruptions in the wind sector. These can be found in project development, financing, insurance, manufacturing of components, transport, construction, operations and maintenance. The biggest issue is the disruption in manufacturing components, as global supply chains for the construction have broken down.

Regarding the Covid situation, WAB developed a survey for its members that reveals how the limitations on travelling generate a decrease of new orders and contract acquisition, as well as a delay or stillstand of international project execution. The members of WAB used the short time work, a political tool, in order to prevent mass layoffs of workers. Now, politics can offer new financial or process support to mitigate the Covid situation.

Fortunately, a positive impression came from the survey: WAB members are not planning on significant layoffs and a significant amount of members informed that they will consider to re-adjust their company scope outside wind sector.

A recording of the session is here available.  

These are the complete minutes of the meeting: 

20200608 ECA dailyminutes_V2.pdf

More information on WAB can be downloaded here:


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