Analysis of disruptions in the Mobility – Transport – Automotive Ecosystem

Submitted by Veronika Muller on 04 June 2020

Summary of the European Alliance Against Coronavirus Daily Webinar on 2 June 2020

The ecosystem Mobility – Transport – Automotive is experiencing major disruptions that have come to light during the COVID-19 crisis. However, the crisis might not be the only reason – the members of the European Alliance Against Coronavirus suggest that it is likely that tensions were already existing and are now breaking their way.

The automotive sector is one of the most affected ecosystems, but the crisis has also left its marks on public transport, shared modes operators, and road transport. The group analyses that there is a clear need for (sustainable) business models for all modes and to use the opportunity to invest in innovation and new kinds of vehicles. Many companies sense an uncertainty towards their business models, which is interconnected with uncertainties about customer behaviours.

People are reconsidering their transportation mode. Car sharing and public transport are gaining customers. Adding to this trend, the crisis has led to emerging alternatives to transportation: telework and delivery. People don´t necessarily need to go to the office, conference, or meeting anymore, being able to attend them virtually. However, it is unclear whether or how long it lasts.

Furthermore, the group detected a missing flexibility and resilience in the supply chains. There is a need to differentiate the production and to be able to reconfigure the production for other markets and alternative customers. Concepts could be transferred to other ecosystems, bringing opportunities to use techniques from the automotive value chain in other local productions. Clusters can play a role in this reconfiguration.

A recording of the session is also available here.

These are the complete minutes of the meeting:  

20200602 ECA dailyminutes V2.pdf

You can find information on the previous meetings here; information on the upcoming agenda here.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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