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Assessment of European cluster capacity building needs report

In 2020, the environment in which clusters operated changed fundamentally. In February 2020, the Economic Outlook of the European Union predicted a slow, yet steady economic growth driven by demand. However, COVID-19 and the consequent health crisis presented unparalleled societal and economic challenges for European clusters, causing new service needs of cluster members as well as a drastic...

European Cluster Collaboration Platform, European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (European Commission) 2021 Read more
April newsletter 2021 Read more
Report on Canada's five Superclusters

In 2018, Canada’s five ‘Superclusters were announced, with a five-year government investment of $950 million, to be matched by private sector investment.

These clusters were conceived as areas of targeted business activity comprised of large and small companies, non-profits, academic institutions, and accelerators that work collaboratively to boost innovation and growth in a specific sector.

John Knubley 2021 Read more
Dealing with counterfeiters in China’s cosmetics market

As with companies in any economic sector, cosmetics firms have much to gain from early protection of their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Registering IP with Chinese authorities and customs before beginning any type of business activity in the country could potentially save SMEs a lot of money, as being able to build strong cases against any local firms which may try to steal their IP is...

China IPR SME Helpdesk 2021 Read more
Build Your Cluster Strategy - The Power of Innovation Clusters and QBNs Resolution for the Year 2020

The article defines the concept of innovation cluster and describes dynamics of cluster transformation.

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QBN 2020 Read more
EU Cluster Policies - Overview and next steps

The presentation outlines ongoing projects and initiatives and sets the way towards the Joint Cluster Initiatives.

European Commission 2020 Read more
Cluster presence and economic performance: a new look based on European data

Cluster presence is significantly and positively related to industry-level wages. This finding underpins the importance of understanding clusters as groups of related industries, not just as the concentration of economic activity in a specific field. The cluster effect remains meaningful and significant once business environment quality, a very powerful driver of performance, is accounted for....

Ketels/ Protsiv 2020 Read more
"Smart Guide to cluster policy monitoring and evaluation "

The Smart Guide is addressed to policy makers and cluster managers engaged in cluster policy making who are interested in monitoring and evaluating the impact of their policies. The objective is to provide them with easy access to knowledge material of high practical value and sound methodological underpinnings, available in a concise and easy to read manner.

Deloitte, VVA, SPI, et al. 2020 Read more
Regional cluster policies in Germany - Challenges, impacts and evaluation practices

This paper seeks to contribute to the growing literature on cluster-policy evaluation in three ways: firstly, it focuses on regional cluster policies below the level of federal states in Germany to complement the majority of studies on federal and state-level programmes. Secondly, it adopts a public-choice perspective, whereas most existing research concentrates on methodological and conceptual...

Matthias Kiese 2019 Read more
The European Cluster Policy - Advancing the Creation of regional bioeconomy clusters in Europe

The presentation investigates how the new EU industrial policy can promote investing in sustainable industry. It shows the role of clusters in accelerating and steering this process. It presents new developments in terms of actions, partnerships and platforms.

European Commission 2019 Read more