Policy Toolkit

The objective of the ECCP Policy Toolkit is to support you - policymakers and cluster managers - in strengthening the role of clusters in the twin transitions (green & digital transition) and to foster resilience. As a key focal point within Europe for place-based and activity-specific collaboration, clusters implementing good practice policy instruments play a catalytic role within European industries to lead the green transition, accelerate digital transition and build resilience. In December 2020, the European Expert Group on Clusters adopted a set of 15 recommendations giving the guidelines for cluster policy development in the EU. The Policy Toolkit aims at helping you to identify concrete actions and inspiring examples from current practice in Europe and beyond.

It is envisaged as a dynamic toolkit and examples showcased in the toolkit are regularly updated. New examples have been integrated in December 2022. At the moment, the Policy Toolkit consists of 248 examples from more than 60 countries (EU, COSME, Horizon Europe and third countries).

We are looking for your good practice examples on national, regional and local cluster policy for the ECCP Policy Toolkit. If you have any good practice examples which are relevant for the toolkit, please fill out our survey

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