Analysis of Disruptions in the Health Ecosystem (28/05/20)

By: Elisa Carelli
Created: 28 May 2020 - 07:05
Updated: 28 May 2020 - 01:05

In the meeting on 28th  May, the European Cluster Alliance start the Analysis of Disruptions in the Health Ecosystem 

 The main topic about the daily session is about the disruption in health industries ecosystem.

An experts joint the meeting:

• Horst Domdey, Managing Director of Cluster BioM

Dr Horst Domdey presents the  Biotechnology Cluster Management for Munich and Bavaria (Bio) and the survey that they developed for companies on Covid-19 Pandemic.

The survey identify challenges and opportunities during this crisis period and analyzes the measures that have been taken due the pandemic in the companies,  the request of financial support from Federal Government, the situation of orders, the development of products in order to fight the COVID-19 and what aid peoples need from companies during this period (BioM-COVID-19 exchange platform).

The session is open to debate and all partecipants are invitated to share contributions experiences and solutions.  

How can disruptions be overcome in the Health Ecosystem? What are the solutions?


2020.05.28 ECA dailyminutes .pdf

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28 May 2020
New Partnerships in the Health System

The Health System is a good example of the importance between an effective partnership betweeen the actors of the public and the private sectors, involving governments, universities, multinationals, start ups, universities and centers of innovation. During this crisis we had very good examples of very positive and successful partnerships, with concrete results and impacts, but we had also not so good examples of articulation, with lack of confidence and common vision. This is the time for a renewed intelligent partnership between the public and private sector in the health system. 

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