Intellectual property (IP) is the legal mechanism that protects innovation and makes companies capitalise on it and achieve a competitive advantage regardless of their size and experience. 

In fact, the daily work of SMEs results in inventions and symbols that are part of our daily environment: from a candy with a stick to waterproof breathable garments or data exchange technology, all of them have been protected by patents, utility models , designs, trademarks and copyrights and successfully marketed thanks to them.

However, a misconception of what it is, the costs it entails, or how it works are all too common barriers that prevent optimal use of resources and the return on investment made in brand building and research and development.

To prevent SMEs interested in expanding into natural markets such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile or Colombia, the European Commission offers support on intellectual property through the Latin America IPR SME Helpdesk.

Join the Helpdesk's IP expert Cesar E Fernandez for this webinar, organised in associatin with the Chamber of Álava, the Basque Government, Basque Trade & Investment and the Spri Taldea Group, in which you will learn about:

  • What services does it offer
  • The main IP barriers encountered by European SMEs when entering Latin American markets
  • A case study of a company advised by the Helpdesk

In addition, the Intellectual Property expert will respond to queries on these issues.

Find out more and register here.

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