The Egyptian Renewable Energy Cluster Initiative (ERECI),  an international project funded by the EU’s RDI II Programme at the Egyptian Ministry for Scientific Research,  launches an invitation to the Egypt Renewable Energy Policy Round Table and Brokerage Event in Brussels.

The half a day event will be held 13 May 2016, with the participation of key representatives of the sector, and it consists of two panel discussion sessions:Panel discussion 1 - Egypt’s Renewable Energy Sector, Opportunities and Perspectives, andPanel discussion 2 The role of Clusters and innovation support mechanisms, Experience from Europe and the MENA Region.   The Cluster Initiative seeks to contribute to the development of Egypt’s renewable energy sector and to accelerate the development of its future Cluster member companies through new business development, RTD and other partnering opportunities with the EU, international and regional companies as well as organisations and association within the Energy efficiency and renewable sector.   Since 1986, Egypt, through its New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA), has been boosting the development of renewable energy technologies on a commercial scale, together with the implementation of related energy conservation programs.  

To register for the event, please follow this link:   For more information about the Egypt Renewable Energy Policy Round Table and Brokerage Event, opportunities and benefits please contact Mr. Seán J. Burke at sean.burke [at] ()

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13 May 2016 - 13 May 2016

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