European Business & Technology Centre IPR Helpdesk India

Submitted by ECCP Team on 09 June 2016

EBTC's IPR Helpdesk assists European organisations in the protection, management, enforcement and commercialisation of Intellectual Property in India.

EBTC IPR Helpdesk objectives are:
  • Facilitate and assist European companies in protecting invention in India by offering patent filing in India (for companies that do not have a presence in India but are eager to capitalise on Indian opportunities).
  • Identify issues related to market access, public procurement, competition law.
  • Coordinate with other European organisations to build IPR capacity in India:
    • Create awareness for EU SME's on Indian laws, rules, regulations and strategies to protect their IPR in India.
    • Monitor and disseminate information on new developments such as polices, case laws, regulation on IPR and market access issues to European stakeholders.
    • Disseminate knowledge about Indian patent laws to European companies.
  • Policy advocacy on IPR issues and challenges.
IPR Services Profile

EBTC offers a wide range of services for European SME's:

Contact: EBTC New Delhi: E-mail: info [at];  Tel: +91 11 3352 1500 ; Fax: +91 11 3352 1501

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