European Association for Business and Commerce (EABC) Thailand

Submitted by ECCP Team on 09 June 2016

The European Association for Business and Commerce (EABC) is a European Trade Organisation situated in Bangkok Thailand with an objective to contribute to the improvement of trade and investment for European companies in Thailand and to increase European Trade and Investment in Thailand.

EABC Mission Statement

“To interact as the voice of European business in Thailand towards development of a favorable business climate to improve investment and market opportunities of European companies in Thailand and to promote Thailand and ASEAN as high-potential trade and investment markets for European businesses”.

EABC provides a point of exchange and coordination of efforts to improve business conditions and opportunities for European businesses with active working groups that cover a broad range of policy areas and sectoral aspects of European commercial and industrial activity in Thailand. These sectoral working groups are considered the backbone as well as the main tool of EABC advocacy activities serving as a forum for discussing common issues as well as for taking initiative and action: Automotive




Cros sectoral Issues (with Custom  and Legal&Employment sub-groups)




Energy & Energy Efficiency

Rail & Road Infrastructure

Any European or European business interest-driven legal entities have the right and are invited to be members of EABC. Within EABC membership, active participation in trade advocacy working groups is encouraged.  Working groups are open for EABC members on equal terms and in accordance with the working group protocols. The site also offers a business helpdesk for EU SMEs

  • business assistance – market studies, identifying potential business partners, regulatory advisory support business
  • diagnosis test,
  • library and
  • news

 as well as a calendar of events and activities

Email: info [at]; Tel: +66 2670 0624; Fax: +66 2670 0608

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