EU Gateway | Business Avenues

Submitted by ECCP Team on 09 June 2016

EU Gateway │Business Avenues is an initiative funded by the European Union. Building on over 25 years of successful experience, it helps European companies to establish long-lasting business collaborations in Asia.

The new edition of the Programme launched in 2016 organises 56 business missions to Korea, South East Asia, and Japan, for up to 2700 European companies. The Programme also recently concluded a successful pilot to China.

Selected European companies get the opportunity to participate in a one-week business mission to Asia focused on a specific sector:

•    Green Energy Technologies

•    Environment & Water Technologies

•    Healthcare & Medical Technologies

•    Construction & Building Technologies

•    Information & Communication Technologies

•    Contemporary European Design

•    Organic Food & Beverage (Processed Organic only in Korea)

•    Railway Technologies & Services

Business missions are entry tickets to markets with challenging business culture or regulatory constraints. Through a dedicated team in Europe as well as in local markets, EU Gateway | Business Avenues offers a unique set of services for companies to sound out business opportunities, minimise the cost typically required to enter a new market, and expand their business network.

Visit the official website and browse through the online calendar for upcoming business missions. European companies can request support on their application at [at]