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Upcoming Events from Cluster Projects in EU Programmes

Estonia | Start Date: Monday, 24 August 2020
The Innovation Days will bring together entrepreneurial students and local start-ups and businesses with the objective of fostering entrepreneurship opportunities, stimulating collaboration, and encouraging participation of entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses in the initiatives of the Go2Space-HUBs project. KEY-NOTE PRESENTATIONS by SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs, larger companies or policy makers, illustrating inspiring examples of innovations in and from the space sector related to the 4 thematic topics: DIGITALIZATION – SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS – DEFENCE & SECURITY – SPACETECH EXCELLENCE WORKSHOPS engaging...
France | Start Date: Tuesday, 13 October 2020
DIVA is an accelerator for innovative digital solutions for the Agri-Food, Forestry and Environment sectors. In addtition to providing a financial support to SMEs, DIVA provides an expertise support to help companies in setting-up their strategy of development. Industrial Property management is one of the key of it to deal with. This 2d IP webinar will focus on data protection and valuation . Recent news prove that data processing becomes more and more present in our everyday life. On the other side of the Atlantic, valuation of well-known digital start-ups (Uber, WhatsApp, ...) takes into account this kind of intangible...
DIVA - Boosting innovative Digitech Value chains for Agrofood, forestry and environment
Belgium | Start Date: Tuesday, 20 October 2020
ENRICH in China Funding Forum The “Digital Funding Forum” by ENRICH will take place from 20 th to 22 nd October. The event will provide a comprehensive overview on funding initiatives for research and innovation and the supporting institutions. This is the second edition of the annual event. The event will focus on Research & Innovation (R&I) funding, but also emphasize on the importance of international cooperation in the Research and Innovation landscape. This event is one of the most important and biggest events ENRICH in China organizes. How can you benefit? As a participant of this event you will benefit from...
ENRICH in China