FIRE, the industry-led Forum for Innovation and Research in European Earth Observation, has the ambition to become the bridge between users and Earth Observation (EO) services and data.

Cutting through a variety of six market sectors: agriculture, (wind) energy, infrastructure, marine, raw materials and urban development, FIRE gathers different user communities to consult and establish a high-level roadmap. This will guide the development, delivery and uptake of EO services in Europe.

The 1st FIRE Forum will be held on the 16th of June alongside EARSC’s annual conference EXPANDEO.

The FIRE Forum will gather a critical mass of non space actors together with EO players in order to discuss the potential benefits EO could bring to their sectors and which future EO capabilities are needed to address sectorial challenges. In this context, the results of the first stakeholder consultations between the EO industry and other sectors will be presented.

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Register today to get involved
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