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The WEFE Nexus Science Advances Conference is taking place 27-29 September 2021, online from Nicosia in Cyprus. 

The conference focuses on the management of water, energy, food and ecosystems (WEFE) and proposes creating a WEFE Nexus approach, in recognition of the strong links between these resources.  

This approach aims to achieve sustainable development and social stability in the Mediterranean region, responding to the increasing demand for WEFE resources, due to population growth and urbanisation, as well as challenges from climate change. 

The role of science will be explored at the event, and how it can drive innovation for the region’s sustainable development, as well as how it can impact policy and decision-making processes. Sessions at the conference will also discuss practical measures on new ideas and practices in research and planning across this WEFE Nexus approach. 

Is your SME based in the Mediterranean and interested to attend? Book your place here by 26 September

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