Join us to learn more about business opportunities in Serbia! The webinars are aiming to train you on Public Procurement system in Serbia. This is a unique opportunity to learn more on how to generate new business contacts and contracts in this country.

Topics targetted?

â™»Waste management

💧Water management (water and sanitation, water reuse and recycling...)

💡Renewable energy (valorisation of biomass, wind, photovoltaics, etc)


  • Introduction to the country
  • The tendering system in Serbia
  • Tender opportunities
  • Q&A
  • Meet the procurers & other relenvant stakeholders
  • Online (link shared via email before the webinar)

The webinars will be hosted by Mrs Cristina Colonna d'Istria Casian, coordinator of P2GreenEST project and Mr Stevan Radunovik, local expert on public procurement. Your participation in them is free of charge and you will also have the opportunity to meet with other entities from Spain, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, France and Serbia.

Location and date

Virtual Event

Cluster organisation
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