Ukrainian cluster week ‘Digitalization of industrial SMEs’ takes place online from 26th to 28th of April.

The main goal of the conference is to establish strong relationship between members of cluster communities of Ukraine with such ones from Eastern Europe and EaP countries in area of digitalization of SMEs. The main topics of presentations and discussions per days

  • 26th of April: cluster policies in Eastern Europe and EaP countries
  • 27th of April: best practicies in digitalization of SMEs
  • 28th of April: development of industrial ecosystems

From Ukraine, there will be 14 industrial and high tech clusters which demonstrate opportunities on local market and their proposals for international cooperation. Speakers from clusters of other countries are kindly invited, please send your proposal or questions to [email protected] before 16th of April. The registration process starts 8th of April.

Location and date

Virtual Event

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