Traffic Insights in Odense

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 04 December 2023

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Discover how Odense, Denmark, is revolutionizing urban planning with its latest initiative, "Traffic Insights in Odense." As a Smart City, Odense has installed 125 Swarm Outdoor Perception Boxes across key intersections and pedestrian areas. This innovative approach enables real-time traffic data collection, including counting and tracking cars, pedestrians, and bicycles. 


The Challenge: 

The Municipality of Odense aimed to enhance traffic data reliability for proactive urban development and efficient traffic management. The lack of insights in various departments, especially concerning the impact of the new light rail and urban development, prompted the need for a transformative solution. 


The Solution: 

The installation of Swarm Outdoor Perception Boxes addressed this challenge by providing intelligent traffic data collection. Origin-destination counting and queue length estimations were integrated, allowing for informed decision-making. The technology by Swarm Analytics ensures easy and accessible traffic data visualizations. 


Click here to delve deeper into the details of this groundbreaking Smart City project.

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