Top Experts Needed for EU Missions

DEADLINE: 02 February 2022

EU Missions are an innovative initiative under Horizon Europe that aim to transform European society. They will support the transition to a greener, healthier, more inclusive and resilient continent. 

The European Commission has a call for experts to join the five Mission Boards. 

The Mission Boards will advise on EU Missions in the following areas: 

  • Climate Change 

  • Cancer 

  • Ocean and Water 

  • Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities 

  • Soil Deal for Europe 

The five Boards will have up to 15 independent top experts for each Mission. The main tasks of the new Boards will be to promote the EU Missions by raising awareness of the citizens and providing advice.  

Discussing the missions, Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, says ‘This call is an opportunity to take on new skills and bring together top experts to support the Missions. They will help inspire citizens and advise on the implementation plans. Together we will make our Missions a success.’ 

Who can apply? 

Each Mission Board will include 15 independent individuals who have expertise in serving public authorities and citizens. The Commission is looking to create balanced and diverse teams which cover business, public administration, science, culture, citizen engagement, and civil society organisations. 

The deadline to apply is 02 February 2022, 17h CET. 

Find out more here. 

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