Support for Creative Innovators: Updates to CREATHRIV-EU Award Program

Submitted by Ruta K. on 25 March 2024

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The CREATHRIV-EU project, in its effort to promote innovation through cross-fertilisation among European SMEs in the creative and cultural sectors, has introduced significant updates to enhance its award program. This initiative aims to recognize and support companies that successfully blend creativity and technological innovation by fostering collaboration across diverse industries. Below are the main points of the call, along with the recent changes:

Main Points of the CREATHRIV-EU Call:
Objective: To reward SMEs in the creative and cultural sectors that engage in cross-fertilisation by sharing knowledge and experiences across different industries to generate innovative ideas and products.
Eligibility: SMEs based in the EU or in countries associated with the Single Market Programme, actively blending creativity and technology across different sectors.
Key Updates:
Increased Budget: The total budget has been raised to €60,000 to provide more substantial support.
Adjusted Finalist Grants: The grant amounts for finalists have been updated to reflect their travel distance to the event in Liege, offering up to €600 to ensure broader participation:
€300 for those within 0-400 KM.
€450 for distances of 401-600 KM.
€600 for those more than 600 KM away.
Event Timing and Venue: The final presentation event is now scheduled for July 9th, aligning with the Wallifornia Music and Innovation Summit, offering finalists a prestigious platform to showcase their projects.
Application Process:
Interested SMEs should apply by completing the application form available at: The deadline for submission is April 22, 2024, at 5:00 pm.

Selection and Awards:
The selection process will unfold in two phases, leading to the selection of 15 finalist companies.
Finalists will present their projects in Belgium, with the top five winning varying prizes from €3,000 to €13,000, in addition to special awards for green innovation and women-led innovation efforts.
All finalists will now receive a travel grant up to €600 to attend the event, with the amount based on their distance from Liege.
This initiative not only aims to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration among Europe's creative sectors but also to provide tangible financial support and visibility for the pioneering work of SMEs in these industries.

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