SILEO Talent placement projects - beneficiary SMEs: FROM LIGHTING SRL!

Submitted by Fabiola Simeoni on 15 May 2024

SILEO Open Call for Talent Placement Projects

Congratulations to FROM LIGHTING who has been awarded under the  SILEO Open Call for Talent Placement Projects!

Deep technological research, a poetic approach, rigorous aesthetics and a keen attention to detail are the key elements of FROM LIGHTING, a new independent lighting brand that offers high quality products produced in Italy.

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SILEO Talent Placement Project

The SILEO Talent Placement Project presents a valuable opportunity for FROM LIGHTING to bring in a new team member, selected from a group of 60 students from the three-year Product Design course at the IUAV University of Venice. This Talent will play a crucial role in assisting the company on its journey towards digitalization, thanks to his technical expertise and knowledge in software and communication tools. Through collaboration between the SME Beneficiary and the selected talent, new ideas and solutions will be fostered within company processes, with a particular emphasis on content development and communication strategy, which are essential to effectively promote company’s lighting products in the digital realm.

FROM LIGHTING SRL will receive indirect funding (3.900 €) from the European Union’s Single Market Programme through the SILEO project (GA N.101074564).

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