SILEO Talent placement projects - beneficiary SMEs: ATENA LUX

Submitted by Fabiola Simeoni on 08 April 2024

SILEO Open Call for Talent Placement Projects

We're thrilled to introduce you to Atena Lux | Lighting and Medical Devices, an Italian lighting SME that has been awarded under the SILEO Open Call for Talent Placement Projects!

ATENA LUX has been present on lighting field for thirty years designing its lighting solutions for business quarters, airports, shopping malls, big industrial areas, culture buildings and infrastructures in general. An important sector for the company is the healthcare sector for which it offers a wide range of cutting-edge lighting solutions specific for operating rooms and electromedical devices (bedhead units for ICU and patient’s room). Respecting nature, ATENA LUX lighting solutions put man at the centre and provide for a perfect integration between light and environment. Through the drafting of the sustainability report, for four years, the company has been promoting a style of sustainable growth to direct the innovation of industrial processes and products towards solutions that are attentive to the preservation of resources.

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SILEO Talent Placement Project

The SILEO Talent Placement Project presents a valuable opportunity for ATENA LUX SRL to integrate new talent with digital expertise, particularly in AI and machine learning to enhance the company’s production, ensuring that products are adaptable and eco-friendly. The SME Beneficiary and Talent will work closely to develop innovative solutions that address both technological advancements and societal needs, with the potential to positively impact the environment, society and the economy.

ATENA LUX SRL will receive indirect funding (€ 4.000) from the European Union’s Single Market Programme through the SILEO project (GA N.101074564).

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