SILEO Open Call for Hack Day Travel Vouchers - Padua, Italy

DEADLINE: 28 June 2024

SILEO project is launching an Open Call for Travel Vouchers – Italy to support the participation of SMEs operating in the lighting and furniture sector and tech-savvy SMEs in the SILEO Hack Day event entitled “IMPACT – Development of innovative business ideas for SMEs in the Furniture & Lighting industry”.

  •  APPLY NOW via the SILEO Submission Platform, here.

The Hack-Day is organized by Rete di Imprese Luce in Veneto in Padua, Italy on 16.10.2024, beside the Italian fair “IMPACT – La Fiera dei Servizi e dell’Innovazione per l’impresa” (taking place on 16-17 October 2024), which aims to promote excellence and collaboration in the sector of services and innovation for companies. The fair is divided into four thematic areas, each with its dedicated space and specific insights, all united by a common thread: business growth, sustainability & green businesses; digital & technology; start-up & innovation.

The Hack-Day in Italy will provide a platform for lighting and furniture SMEs and tech-savvy SMEs to connect, learn and discover innovative solutions and services, gather insights, expertise on emerging technologies and sustainable growth opportunities and to debate on specific SILEO challenges, such as:

  1. DATA INTEGRATION: The impact of data integration in the manufacturing process in the lighting and furniture industry.
  2. IOT DEVICES AND MOBILE APP: The impact of IOT and of new communication technologies in creation of new products and services in the lighting and furniture industry.
  3. VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY IN FURNITURE & LIGHTING: The impact of virtual and augmented reality in the design, manufacturing and customer experience improvement of new lighting and furniture products.
  4. NEW MATERIALS AND CIRCULAR ECONOMY IN FURNITURE & LIGHTING: The impact of new materials in the design and manufacturing of new lighting and furniture products.

SILEO funding is defined based on the location of the legal headquarters of the SME applicants, as mentioned below:

  • Voucher € 150 - within the Province of Padua
  • Voucher € 250 - within the Veneto Region (excluding the Province of Padua)
  • Voucher € 500 - outside the Veneto Region
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