SILEO 1° Open Call for Business Digital Transformation Projects winners!

Submitted by Fabiola Simeoni on 25 September 2023


 EIL Systems Srl, an Italian SME from the lighting sector, is a beneficiary of the SILEO 1° Open Call for Business Digital Transformation Projects!

EIL Systems Srl specialises in the design and production of portable lighting towers for all industries. Their products are characterized by ingenious and original inventive solutions that have obtained the patent or the patentability judgment based on the three fundamental requirements: novelty, originality, and industrialization of the processes. EIL SYSTEMS provides the development of lighting towers on exact specifications by any customer, offering a dedicated technical project and complete development, up to the solution receiving all needed certifications.

The aim of their business digital transformation project is to promote the new green product TOWERLUX HYBRID POWER through the creation of 3D visualizations and digitization to be incorporated into the website and various digital marketing campaigns in order to create a new sensory experience for the buyer. The project, with the support of technology provider Skeinholding, will enable the implementation of three-dimensional models of the product and, in the future, develop augmented reality applications to effectively and interactively present the real functionality of our products.

This is a great opportunity to represent the company’s products through digitization, reducing costs and consumption in transport, installation, and use!


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