SILEO 1° Open Call for Business Digital Transformation Projects winners!

Submitted by Fabiola Simeoni on 22 September 2023

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Congratulations to Giarle mobili arredamenti s.n.c. an Italian SME from the furniture sector has been awarded under the SILEO 1st Open Call for Business Digital Transformation Projects!

Giarle mobili arredamenti s.n.c., Nicola Giarle, is a century-old family business characterized by the production and sale of furniture made of wood, in both classic and modern styles. The extreme attention to every detail is the expression of the artisan tradition, which continues in a factory that constantly introduces technological updates. The production is characterized by the use of solid wood (walnut, oak, cherry, ash, beech, pine, and many others) with a high level of quality and by the possibility of customization. The carpentry has constantly expanded and renewed over the years looking for a right mix of manual processing and technology, between tradition and innovation.

The idea of their business digital transformation project “A.A.I. - Artisanal Artificial Intelligence” is to look into a handcraft-friendly deployment of artificial intelligence, reformulating the approach of product design by combining human intelligence, tradition, skills. The objective is to give life to new products without wasting material, totally recyclable and close to current and future lifestyles. They selected the technology provider /NUOVOSTUDIODRASLER, Giorgio Drasler, an expert in innovation and integrated development of products (mostly furniture) and AI platforms, which will provide the necessary tools to combine digital processes with human ones in a historical artisanal reality.

We wish them a successful implementation of the project and look forward to seeing the results and achievements!

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