SILEO 1° Open Call for Business Digital Transformation Projects winners!

Submitted by Fabiola Simeoni on 04 October 2023


Congratulations to Necto Group Srl, an lighting SME who has been awarded under the SILEO 1st Open Call for Business Digital Transformation Projects!

NECTO GROUP srl is an Italian SME established more than 30 years ago, that provides solutions for the lighting, electromechanics, and electronics sectors, according to the needs of each customer. Thanks to the internal research and development department and qualified engineers, they are able to offer innovative solutions and a vast pool of high-quality products with technical advice, expertise, and specialization, qualities that characterize the work of Necto Group. They are committed to providing certified, tested, and safe products.

Through its business digital transformation projectNECTO4FUTURE”, NECTOGROUP is primarily committed to enhancing the digitisation of its business operations. NECTOGROUP will collaborate with the technology provider SMACT Competence Center, the Industry 4.0 competence center, to conduct a preliminary analysis phase on its business processes. The main objective of this collaboration is to identify the most suitable advanced technology solutions to improve the project development process, with a focus on product traceability and warehouse management.

A great opportunity to provide support for NECTOGROUP's digitalization journey!

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