SILEO 1° Open Call for Business Digital Transformation Projects winners!

Submitted by Fabiola Simeoni on 04 October 2023


ILCAP srl is an Italian SME furniture company and has been selected as a beneficiary under the SILEO 1° Open Call for Business Digital Transformation Projects!

ILCAP srl is a family company involved in the mass production of frames, inserts, elements for chairs, stools, tables and furnishing accessories distributed worldwide. Prototypes are designed and created internally through the support of architects and international companies, which have chosen ILCAP for its quality, flexibility, timely responses and streamlined production. Through its brand, Ambiance Italia, ILCAP produces and distributes worldwide a wide range of chairs, stools, tables and accessories, designed to furnish environments with an original and modern stylishness. Ambiance Italia’s philosophy aims to demonstrate that quality, intuition and know-how are an excellent combination to conquer the market.

Its business digital transformation project3DPI” represents a unique opportunity for it to focus on creating accurate and realistic digital 3D assets of furniture products, enabling stunning visualizations and immersive experiences, to be used in various contexts. Mario Manganelli, with his graphic design studio, will provide his professionalism in the furniture sector, offering a wide range of services, including 3D scanning, detailed 3D modelling, photogrammetry, rendering, content creation for real-time applications and implementation of web-based configurators. The project effectively addresses ILCAP goals in line with the furniture industry by providing innovative solutions like 3D modelling and lifelike rendering.

The project will last for 3 months and will receive financial support from the SILEO Eurocluster!


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