Saving money by drying sludge

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Waste Water
Manufacture and repair of metal products, machinery and equipment Automotive manufacturing
Investment cost:
Medium cost
Medium cost
Size of company:
Small (less than 50)

A pressing problem solved

  • A sludge-processing solution saves on pay-per-weight disposal costs
  • Pressing and drying out extra water in the sldge saves € 1 200 per year

The German metal-working company Edison Fatehpour Stanzerei provides a number of different solutions, including stamping, tool-making, eroding, fine-blanking, barrel-finishing, and engineering. Its products are mainly used in the automotive industry.

In the barrel-finishing process, burrs are removed and edges rounded. The material abrasion is carried out using high-pressure water which is then purified in a centrifuge, removing solids as sludge. The sludge still has high water content (about 30 %). The company pays to dispose of the sludge according to its weight. Reducing more water volume is an opportunity to cut waste and waste costs.

The company spent around € 5 000 on a chamber filter press. With this, the sludge can be pressed out and dried further. 

Key benefits

By implementing this measure, Edison Fatehpour Stanzerei could reduce water content and therefore the weight of the sludge significantly. This further drying of the sludge cuts the cost of disposal by € 1 200 per year.

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