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Evolute partners are holding the second Peer learning workshop on 1st of February (11:00 - 12:30 CET) to discuss about clusters’ labelling procedures.
This webinar “Striving for Clusters Management Excellence” will focus on peer-to-peer learning about how clusters can assess their management system and apply for the respective European cluster labelling process. Clusters play an important role in supporting companies that face major challenges by adapting their strategies to current trends and offering more sophisticated services. At the same time clusters are also called upon to further develop their own management to achieve the highest quality possible.
Therefore, cluster organisations seek for ways to demonstrate excellence towards their members, policy makers and the community and cluster labels represent the chance to validate their management excellence. In this upcoming webinar, speakers will guide interested clusters through the practical aspects of the labelling process, indicators and how to better use the cluster excellence labelling in policy and programmes.
To join the workshop, please register here. Registration is open to all clusters.”

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