Recap of the Joint Clusters Initiative Euroclusters call Info Day

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 22 October 2021

To implement the updated EU Industrial Strategy, the European Commission launched the  Joint Cluster Initiatives (JCI), also known as ‘Euroclusters’. 

With a budget of €42 million, Euroclusters will contribute to building resilience and accelerating the transition to a green and digital economy. 

The key objectives of the call are to:  

  • Create a network to improve resilience in industrial ecosystems   

  • Develop interconnected value chains in the EU Single Market  

  • Innovate for strategic autonomy to build capacity for critical supplies and technologies  

  • Adopt processes for a greener and more digital economy  

  • Training to re-skill the workforce  

  • Go international to boost access to global supply and value chains.  

The Info Day on the call was held on 20 October. A total of 379 participants joined the event, with a maximum count of 304 active participants. 

A breakdown of the participants by session can be found here: 

  • 45 participants joined session 1 on the ‘Network for resilience’, with a maximum simultaneous count of 34 participants 
  • 41 participants joined session 2 on ‘Innovate for strategic autonomy’ with a maximum simultaneous count of 32 participants 
  • 95 participants joined session 3 on ‘Adopt processes and technologies’ with a maximum simultaneous count of 56 participants 
  • 59 participants joined session 4 on ‘Train to foster up and re-skilling’ with a maximum simultaneous count of 44 participants 
  • 68 participants joined session 5 - ‘Go International’ - with a maximum simultaneous count of 41 participants 

The deadline for the call is 30 November. 

Find more details about the call and apply here. 

Find the recording from the Info Day here.

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