Quality wood only from sustainable Finnish forests

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Manufacture of wood and paper products
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Feel the positive energy!

  • Hoisko uses only wood from sustainable and responsible forestry
  • Responsibly harvested wood is a very sustainable raw material

Hoisko is a cross-laminated timber (CLT) brand that combines modern technology with traditional Finnish know-how and wood material. The company behind the brand, CLT Finland Ltd, is formed by eleven Finnish companies, each covering its own field in forestry, machinery, logistics, wood processing, construction, international business and export. With this combination of expertise, they produce some 40 000 m3 a year the robust CLT. Planned investments in 2018 are expected to expand ouutput capacity to 70 000 m3.

The Hoisko cross-laminated timber is especially suitable for detached family homes and apartment buildings, offering a healthy and durable material. Hoisko products and processes are certified by the Finnish national authority (VTT), and apply strict production quality controls performed by relevant officials.

Wood is a sustainable building material with a positive energy balance, meaning that a wood product stores energy more than it takes to manufacture it (a cubic metre of CLT slabs contains 676 kg carbon dioxide). With the current annual production capacity (40 000 m3), each slab therefore contains 27 000 tonnes of restored CO2.

All Hoisko wood comes from sustainable Finnish forests and has carries the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Every wood-processing actor in the chain is required to have the certificate, to prove the origin and the sustainability of the wood, and each tree used can be traced throughout the supply chain.

Furthermore, in other aspects, Hoisko CLT is a sustainable and ecological material: the glue used is fragrance-free and made of safe non-formaldehyde polyurethane. The cross-lamination process also utilises wood with minor flaws without degrading the CLT product quality, but managing to decrease the amount of waste material in the meantime. What's more, having the PEFC certification offers a recognised way to communicate sustainability and reliability to customers throughout the supply chain.

Key benefits

  • PEFC certification is a reliable way to communicate responsibility and sustainability to customers
  • The raw material suppliers’ certification guarantees that wood comes from sustainable Finnish forests
  • PEFC certification is required from every wood processing actor in the chain, which validates the origin and sustainability of the product

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