Purchase Aggregation Workshop Outcomes

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 18 August 2023

purchase aggregation

On 3rd July, an incredible private Purchase Aggregation Workshop took place in Brussels, hosted at the headquarters of Febetra – The Belgian Federation for Transport. This event, jointly organised by Febetra, VIL, ALICE, and TRI-VIZOR, showcased a game-changing methodology for streamlining procurement processes.

During the workshop, the 7 attendees actively discussed and focused on three main objectives for establishing a community:

  • Sharing information, know-how, and experiences on Battery Electric Vehicles for Heavy Duty (BEVHD) and the loading infrastructure.
  • Exploring opportunities for joint purchasing of BEVHD and the loading infrastructure.
  • Collaborating on initiatives to enhance the operational feasibility of BEVHD.

We are thrilled to announce that the attendees approved the launch of the community by signing a community agreement. The next steps involve finalising the agreement, with a draft currently in circulation among the organisers.

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