Promoting cluster development and collaboration policies in the South Med region - Throwback to Regional Meeting Euromed Clusters Forward

Submitted by Raphaele Cohen on 30 January 2024

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In a spirit of collaboration and innovation, the Euromed Clusters Forward regional meetings on technology adoption and innovation recently convened a multitude of dedicated participants. Organized by Leaders International, these meetings aimed to promote policies for cluster development and collaboration across several target countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and Tunisia. Taking place on January 23 and 24, these regional meetings provided a platform for participating clusters and partners to exchange ideas, share insights, and formulate recommendations.

These contributions will play a crucial role in preparing forthcoming public-private policy dialogues in each respective country.

Highlights of the event:

  • Dynamic presentations and workshops allowed participants to deepen their understanding of innovation and competitiveness issues.
  • Expert collaboration fostered enriching exchanges and synergies among the various stakeholders involved.
  • Comprehensive information and feedback collection enabled the gathering of diverse perspectives and enriched policy debate on cluster development.
  • Policy dialogues opened essential discussions on measures to support and strengthen clusters in the South Neighbourhood region.

Crucially, with the support of the European Commission, we are collectively paving the way for improved business performance and increased competitiveness in the region. This initiative wouldn't have been possible without the contributions of our valuable partners, including Berytech in Lebanon, ERF Latest in Egypt, and the FEMISE network in France. These Euromed Clusters Forward regional meetings have been crucial in catalyzing collaborative efforts to foster innovation, stimulate economic growth, and enhance competitiveness in the Southern and Mediterranean neighboring countries. We eagerly anticipate continuing collaboration and progress in our shared mission of inclusive and sustainable development. Once again, a heartfelt congratulations to all participants for their remarkable commitment and dedication.

About ECF

Euromed Clusters Forward is co-financed by the European Union to the tune of 90% for an overall budget of 7.8 million euros and steered by ANIMA until 2026 with the aim of strengthening clusters and their members in 7 southern Mediterranean countries, promoting inclusive innovation and competitiveness in the Euromed region in order to improve growth, economic diversification, sustainable development and employment. Berytech is the implementing partner in Lebanon.

To stay updated on the project, please check our website.

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