POLREC Open Call for Innovation in Recycling Polymer Wastes

DEADLINE: 07 November 2023

CORRIGENDUM : The deadline of the call has been extended to the 7th November 2023 at 12.00 CET.

The goal of POLREC (Supporting a green and resilient Europe through POLymer RECycling) Euroclusters Innovation Open call is to financially support SMEs from plastics, rubbers and composites industries in recycling their polymer waste through 3 sub-topics : Mechanical Recycling, Mechanical Recycling and Digitalisation.

The POLREC Innovation Open Call offers funding for projects under 3 sub-topics : 

  • Testing of solutions for the chemical recycling of polymer waste (plastics, rubber, composites), with a maximum budget of €30,000 per SME.
  • Testing solutions for the mechanical recycling of polymer waste (plastics, rubber, composites), with a maximum budget of €30,000 per SME.
  • Digitisation of polymer waste recycling processes to ensure traceability and control, with a maximum budget of €20,000 per SME.

These projects must have a duration of 6 to 12 months, starting in the 1rst quarter of 2024. The applicant should be a single SME with an identified service-provider . An SME can apply to several sub-topics of the Innovation Open Call provided that the total amount asked in those different application does not exceed 60,000€.

To be selected for funding the applications are expected to be innovative and must go beyond the applicant’s daily business but still related hereto.

The SMEs targeted by this call can cover various sectors, such as: transport and mobility, construction, renewable energy, digital and electronics, health, consumer goods, industrial and food packaging.

The application must be submitted through the Cluster Submission Platform. For further information about this Call, you can consult our Guide for Applicants that detail more about this Call.

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