POLREC : Findings about the knowledge, services, products and interest of SMEs from the Polymer recycling industry

Submitted by Roxane Girard on 08 February 2024

This report serves as a basis on the findings about the knowledge, services, products and especially the interests and objectives of the identified SME members of POLREC consortium partners and the materials that could be exchanged between value chains, within and across sectors. In the POLREC project, various and numerous industrial sectors are concerned and targeted: Transport and Mobility, Construction, Renewable energy, Digital and Electronics, Health, Consumer, and Industrial & Food Packaging. Due to their high performance, polymers (thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, and rubbers) are mostly and particularly used in these different sectors. In the current situation of the search for energy efficiency, to face the problem of materials availability and to reduce European geostrategic and economic dependence, the development of polymers must be highly sustainable, and strive for full recyclability.
The POLREC consortium partners have come together to explore how an intensified cluster and business network collaboration across borders and sectors can meet this challenge and exploit the international business opportunities related to the topic.

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