Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg 2023, October 9th – 10th, a two-day international event organized by OpTecBB, the Photonics network in Berlin, Germany, followed by Photonics Travel October 11th to Berlin Photonic companies and October 12th to Brandenburg Enduser of Photonics.

There will be 17 sessions on topics like Berlin Laser Tech Symposium | Optical Simulation and Optical Design | Semiconductors and Heterointegration | Photonics Packaging for Quantum Technology | Opthalmology | Berlin Quantum Optics Symposium | Metrology on Nanooptics | Novel Applications of Modern Lighting Technologies | Photonics for Safety and Security.

·      More than 100 speakers from more than 20 countries.

·      The organizers expect several hundred participants.

·      Each day there are match making opportunities between 12:30 and 14:30 CEST.

Registration is open now! Click here.

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