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Submitted by Imogen Allan on 23 June 2021

On behalf of the European Commission’s DG GROW, Prognos AG is conducting an EU-wide survey to collect insights on the effectiveness of the ECCP and EREK platform among users.

The survey aims to answer the following questions:

  • What has been the impact of EU cluster support for your cluster organisation?
  • How should EU cluster support look like in the next years?
  • What role can cluster organisations play to tackle the green & digital transition and post-Covid 19 recovery in the future?

This survey is for:

  • ECCP/EREK cluster organisations and other registered members
  • SMEs that benefited from ECCP/EREK

In addition to questions regarding these platforms, some questions will be asked on the European Observatory for Clusters and Industrial Change (EOCIC).

The survey will make a lasting contribution to the further development of EU cluster platforms. A recommendation letter from the European Commission that outlines the Evaluation Study and asks for your support can be found here.

Data protection notice

Your participation in the survey is voluntary and no personal data will be collected.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Prognos AG project team at janis.neufeld [at] or contact Prognos’s data protection officer Charlotte Frank at datenschutz [at]

The deadline for the survey is 5 July.

ECCP and EREK cluster organisations can fill in the survey here, and SMEs can fill in the survey here.

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