Only PEFC certified wood in play and fitness products, Finland

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Sustainability Carbon Materials
Construction Manufacture of wood and paper products
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Sustainable fitness check

  • Finnish play and fitness set producer makes the case for sustainable wood
  • Wood is CO2 neutral since it absorbs the same amount while growing as emisions generated end of life 

Lappset is a Lapland-based family business founded in 1970. The company has nearly 50 years’ experience in the play and fitness markets. Its factories are located in Finland, Sweden and Estonia, and the distributor network covers almost every country in the world.

Lappset uses wood from locally sourced PEFC certified forests. Wood is an ecological and renewable natural resource, which requires considerably less energy to produce than metal. Their products are always designed and manufactured in compliance with applicable safety standards. The mechanical properties of its products are ensured by mechanical testing, and operational safety is tested by internationally approved laboratories, for example, TÜV.

The company chooses the best materials for products, ensuring durability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Wood is extremely well suited to different climatic conditions, from sub-zero temperatures to hot, dry and even humid conditions. The company's LappCoat treatment process can also used for metal components, making them highly durable and with a beautiful finish. Compared to plastic materials, high-pressure laminate (HPL) is extremely hard-wearing regardless of weather conditions.

Key benefits

  • Wood is an ecological and renewable natural material

  • Wood-based products need less energy to produce than metal

  • The PEFC certification guarantees that the company knows where wood comes from

  • Wooden products last for at least 15 years, making them a sustainable choice

  • The modular structure of products brings savings in terms of wood needed in production as well as in storage and delivery

  • Wood is a considered CO2 neutral since it absorbs the same amount while growing as emisions generated at disposal time 

  • Cutting, sawing, and transportation of wood produce emissions, but still lower than play equipment made from other materials


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