New profile registration process and profile updates launched!

Submitted by ECCP Team on 27 September 2022

The day has come! We are excited to announce that the profiles Cluster Organisation and Cluster Organisation Members have officially relaunched!

Over the past few months we have worked hard on integrating your feedback, your past experience and your expertise into the improvement of the profiles to not only make them more user-friendly for you, but also to support you in networking with other users on the platform. The European Cluster Collaboration Platform is a place for cluster support, networking, collaborating and making a difference in the economic growth of  Europe and beyond. And the profile updates are a first step into better connecting with other stakeholders and finding collaboration partners and opportunities.


These are the changes in a nutshell:

  • Input can be saved immediately no matter where in the registration you are currently and how many fields you have filled in already. You can choose to save your input at any stage. You can continue your registration whenever you want and no data will be lost
  • Fields have been removed that were not crucial
  • We added a few fields that are relevant for ECCP users and help further learning about and from each other
  • Contact details are inserted, so you can reach out to other ECCP users directly
  • Company details are more prominent, so you can access their profiles and their website easier
  • New look and feel
  • Last, but not least: Instead of the current completion bar (e.g. 60%, 90%) we are introducing two types of completion:
  • Standard User: A user who has filled out all the mandatory fields
  • Pro User: A user who has filled out all the required fields and at least half of the optional fields






What is a Pro User and why should I become a Pro User?

A Pro User is someone who has filled out all of the required fields and half of the optional fields and thus, particularly stands out with the broad spectrum of information. We will grant a certain transition period to give users a bit of time to update their profiles and become Pro Users. However, eventually, restricted access areas will need a Pro User account, such as: The Trend Universe and you do not want to miss it!



Trend Universe
A deeper and much better understanding of the future

The Trend Universe is a new tool that lets you:

  • understand future trends and their impact on your cluster organisation
  • select the relevant trend radar for the ecosystem(s) you are interested in
  • identify early developments within 12 different ecosystems
  • view relevant trend evaluations from other clusters and global data in these radars
  • make your own trend assessment and be guided by valuable benchmarks based on the wisdom of the crowd and
  • receive suggestions and solutions from the system to further work on automatically

Colleagues from many clusters across Europe are already assessing the impact of relevant trends on the 12 ecosystems. Check out the Trend Universe now!


And how is that possible?

ECCP's trend radar is based on the findings of leading futurologists. On this basis, specific mega and macro trends are defined for each Ecosystem. These trends are evaluated by you and your colleagues from many clusters across Europe in terms of their impact on the respective industry. This data then reflects the wisdom of the crowd and opens exciting benchmark opportunities and learning for every single user.

In addition, you will see AI-based global data on the number of research papers, patents, funding levels and news articles per trend and industry.