NANOTECH Cluster/SME Mission to Japan

Submitted by ECCP Team on 19 September 2023

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  • Exhibit at the “nano tech - International Nanotechnology Exhibition and Conference”
  • Identify relevant key contacts 
  • Establish relationships with potential partners (trade and technology)
  • Benefit from face-to-face meetings leading to possible business opportunities


Apply here!

Applications are due on 5 October 2023


The Nanotech Cluster/SME mission will be organised on the fringe of the nano tech Expo 2024, taking place from 30 Jan to 2 February, 2024 in Tokyo. During the fair (3 days) you will attend  B2B meetings and meet with Japanese visitors. In order to maximize your partnering opportuni­ties, you will be able to exhibit in the EU-Japan Centre booth.

Professional interpreters will be on hand during the trade fair to help you communicate with potential Japanese business partners. Based on materials you provide, the EU-Japan Centre will arrange Japanese-language posters to promote your product at the EU Delegation booth at the trade fair.


Through this 4-day mission, you will have the opportunity to:

  • meet other participants and the EU-Japan Centre team
  • display your technology at one of Japan’s leading trade shows
  • meet potential business partner and create new business opportunities
  • develop partnerships and business cooperation on global markets
  • attend match-making events
  • increase your innovation capacity and become more competitive on a global scale (as an  SME)
  • prepare the ground for practical cluster cooperation across borders and make a more strategic use of transnational cluster cooperation on markets outside Europe in areas of strategic interest (as a cluster)


The programme targets participants from  SMEs(*) (small and medium enterprises, start-ups) and clusters(**) from the EU or SMP associated countries(***), active in sectors covered by the nano tech trade fair, as listed below:

Micro / Nano Materials

Nano particles, composite materials, nano cellulose, carbon nanotubes, nanofibres, nano coatings, nanocomposite materials, graphene, nano inks, biocompatible materials, photonics materials, Fullerene, nano colloids, high-performance magnetic materials, highly-pure materials, Cellulose nanofibres (CNF), cellulose nanocrystals (CNC), cellulose filaments, bacterial cellulose (BC), microfibrillated cellulose (MFC), cellulose fibrils, nanocellulose composites, and other nanocellulosic materials, Application technologies for ceramics, electrodes, and nanocomposites...

Micro / Nano Evaluation & Measurement

Electron microscope (SEM / TEM), analysis equipment, evaluation measurement and designing tool, ultra precision measuring instrument, high efficiency / high sensitive sensor, contract evaluation / measurement / analysis service, molecular imaging, simulation / molecular design software, near-field optical, piezo stage, SPM / AFM, micro TAS, Materials Informatics, Simulation and Molecular Design Software, Grain Size and Distribution Measurement, Operand Measurement, Cryomicroscopy, Support Tools for Research, Three-Dimensional Measurement, X-ray CT, In-Site Nano Analysis, High Time Decomposition Measurement...

Micro / Nano Fabrication Technology

Thin film manufacturing technology, nano-imprint, ultra precision surface processing technology, laser processing, inkjet printing, mixing / stirring / dispersing / grinding techniques, precision pattern printing technology, etching, next-generation lithography, electron beam/ion beam processing, contract processing service, nano transistor technology, priming charge processing, fusion/bonding technology, emulsification, adhesion and bonding technology, microdischarge processing, microtransistor technology, cellulose nanofibre processing...


The candidate must:

- work for an organization that is a juridical person based in

  • the European Union, or
  • a country associated to the Single Market Programme, SME Pillar(***)

- be supported by his/her employer through a signed letter - be able to participate in the entire programme - have a good command of English (recommended level B2 or higher) - have proven experience in the industry


The main criteria for selection are:

  1. the professional & educational background of the candidate;
  2. the strategy of the participant's company regarding Japan;
  3. the innovative aspects of the product/technology/service offered by the company.

In order to ensure a high degree of personal attention, the number of participants in this mission is limited to a maximum number of 12.


The EU-Japan Centre covers costs directly related to the mission: exhibition booth at the fair, printing service to give participants more visibility and interpretation at the fair.   The selected participants' companies must cover travel costs to/from Japan, accommodation and any other living costs.

SME participants will benefit from a €600 grant to partially support local travel, accommodation and living expenses in Japan. The grant will be paid within 2 weeks after the mission. However, absences during the mission may lead to deductions amounting to €120/day. 

NB: Selected participants will be requested to pay a 100% refundable deposit of €1000 to guarantee a place on the mission. Failure to transfer the deposit by the deadline set by the Centre may result in the offer of the place being withdrawn. The deposit will be refunded within 8 weeks after the mission only if the participant submits the mission report the Centre asks him/her to make.

(*) SMEs are companies meeting the standard European Commission criteria for an SME

(**) Clusters are those who are registered in the European Cluster Cooperation Platform ( Registration on that platform is free of charge.

(***Please check the status of your country at, for EFTA countries, please only refer to the sub-paragraph: "COSME strand (SMP COSME)". For EU Acceding countries, candidate countries and potential candidates, please only refer to the countries for which the agreement is in force.

SMP-COSME: Stands for “Countries Participating in the COSME strand of the Single Market Programme". The Single Market Programme is the Commission programme that funds the EU-Japan Centre.


Looking for information about the nanotech sector in Japan? Visit the dedicated page EU Business in Japan related content: Free membership registration. 

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