Nanoprogress presents PolyEnvi21 Competence Center

Submitted by Anna Marytová on 20 May 2024


The Nanoprogress cluster organization stands out as one of the 23 institutions contributing to the esteemed National Center of Competence. This national hub „The national competence center for polymer materials and technologies for the 21st century,“ known as the PolyEnvi21 Competence Center, is dedicated to pioneering polymer materials and technologies for the 21st century. With a keen focus on sustainable development, practical application, and economic viability, PolyEnvi21 spearheads the development of innovative polymer systems.

At the heart of PolyEnvi21 lies its expertise in mechanical, chemical, and biological recycling of polymer materials, alongside associated processes. The center places paramount importance on the holistic approach to crafting solutions that align with the principles of the circular economy.

Representatives from the Nanoprogress cluster organization actively participated in the PLASTKO 2024 conference, held at the Technical University in Zlín, under the auspices of the PolyEnvi21 National Competence Center. Over two days, the conference served as a dynamic platform for in-depth discussions on polymer materials, recycling methodologies, emerging environmental solutions, and cutting-edge technologies.

The event also facilitated the establishment of new collaborative ventures with research institutions and technology firms, fostering a fertile ground for future innovation. Moreover, dedicated sessions focusing on specific sub-projects within the PolyEnvi21 framework provided a comprehensive overview of progress made towards attaining the predefined objectives.

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