MetaIndustry4 mobilizes 2.3 million for innovation projects

Submitted by Silvia Jiménez… on 01 December 2023


MetaIndustry4 leads and collaborates in seven collaborative innovation projects that seek to promote the promotion and consolidation of a more digital, sustainable and collaborative metal industry in which SMEs, large companies and national clusters participate. The main objective of the cluster through these projects is to develop innovative collaborative solutions that respond to the different challenges that arise in the different value chains of the metal industry in Asturias, such as naval, aerospace, logistics, renewable energies, circular economy, or construction, thus promoting Industry 5.0. Thus, the projects to be developed, of which MetaIndustry4 leads more than half, propose advances for the improvement of logistics management of warehouses, increased plant safety, equipment planning, digitized and predictive, or increased sustainability and circularity of companies and their waste, among others.

The challenge posed by MetaIndustry4 through the different projects is that a total of 32 industrial and technological companies and entities have the possibility to collaborate in the research and development of different technologies, such as machine vision, additive manufacturing, blockchain or artificial intelligence applied to predictive systems. The MetaIndustry4 cluster is well aware that innovation is currently the best tool that companies have to differentiate themselves in the market. But it is also realistic to know that many companies alone do not have, or have less capacity or resources to address innovative processes. This is why for some years now, the cluster has been making a special effort to show companies the way towards collaborative innovation.

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