Mentorship Opportunities: EWEMA Opens Program Registration

Submitted by ECCP Team on 17 November 2023

In a significant move to strengthen the capacity of business mentors across the continent, the Early Warning Europe Mentor Academy (EWEMA) launched the ground-breaking series of peer-learning workshops and masterclasses. Drawing on extensive feedback, EWEMA has meticulously crafted the Early Warning Mentoring Learning Programme, a curriculum aimed at disseminating cutting-edge knowledge, tools, and methods employed by the finest mentors in the field. The comprehensive initiative is set to equip mentors with the skills necessary for the rapid deployment of early warning services throughout Europe, enabling them to meet the evolving demands of the future business landscape.  

Commencing in November 2021 and extending through 2024, the programme has already seen an impressive enrolment of 680 business mentors representing 38 countries, including those in the European Union and within the COSME agreement. The initiative distinguishes itself through its facilitation of interactive events, featuring 9 workshops and 21 masterclasses, all of which recognize and reward active participation in conjunction with an advanced online learning programme.

The EWEMA Learning Programme, titled "Mentoring for Business Success: Helping Companies at Risk of Failure," is divided into four pivotal modules:

  1. Mentoring & Engagement
  2. Problem Analysis & Managing Change
  3. Future Planning & Resilience
  4. Readiness to Mentor

The benefits of such a programme have not gone unnoticed by its participants. Kari I. Mattila, an acclaimed mentor, hailed it as "a definite must," underscoring the value of the initiative. His sentiments are echoed by Diana Avetyan who was surprised by the wealth of material available, commenting, "I didn't realize in the beginning how much material it provided!" The structure and educational approach of the programme also received high praise from Gabriela Nita, who found the content not only accessible but also compelling, stating, “The course is easy to go through with a very good structure and learning process. It challenges you to want to see what is the next step!”

To provide a comprehensive overview of what the programme entails, EWEMA has released an informative video, offering insights into the benefits and impact of the learning modules.  

For those interested in joining this prestigious network of business mentors, registration is open until 31 December 2023, with the process easily accessible through EWEMA's registration portal. Further details about the programme's content, schedule, and objectives can be found on the Early Warning Europe website.

About Early Warning Europe

Early Warning Europe is a network dedicated to preventing business crises and failures. By offering expert advice and support, the organization aims to avert the negative consequences of company insolvencies. Through initiatives like the EWEMA, Early Warning Europe is making significant strides in safeguarding the European business ecosystem, ensuring that companies not only survive but also thrive amidst challenging economic circumstances.

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