MedBAN - SMEs promotion #2

Submitted by Eduarda Pascoal on 07 February 2024


🌊 Several #MedBAN-funded SMEs are from #Italy, not a surprise considering the maritime advocacy of this country situated in the middle of the #Mediterranean. A great hub to foster the #BlueEconomy with positive impacts also in other nearby countries.

🔹 Arpeca SpA
🔹 GC T 33
🔹 STS Lab
🔹 Idea Group
🔹 pOsti
🔹 Mediterranea Viaggi Cultura
🔹 Senjoy Boats
🔹 Venezia1937
🔹 Vento di Venezia
🔹 Rizzardi SRL
🔹 Allevatori Subacquei Ravenna
🔹 Safe Haven Yachting

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