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MCCI, is an industry-led analogue-mixed-signal circuits research centre hosted at The Tyndall National Insitute in Cork, Ireland.  Our mission is to increase jobs and exports in companies by increasing the relevance to industry of circuit research carried out in HEIs. We make IP more accessible to industry, by increasing the quality of circuit research carried at the centre.

MCCI competes in terms of scale and quality with the top 10 academics groups in analog and mixed-signal circuits worldwide. 

MCCI is focusing on applications that are of international importance and maintaining a close alignment with multiple industry partners. 

Cadence & Mentor IC Design tools
Process design kits for 350nm to 28nm silicon processes
Silicon bench test equipment (oscilloscopes, signal generators, logic analyser, power supplies)

Specification and architecture of innovative circuit solutions for sensor, IOT, med/agri-tech and communications applications.
Design of solutions to silicon prototype level for such applications.
Evaluation of resultant silicon.

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Electronics - Healthcare