Material audit improved reuse of residue fibres

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Waste Materials
Manufacture of textiles, clothes and leather
Investment cost:
Medium cost
Cost savings:
Thanks to the material audit the annual savings at the company's plant were roughly 3 % of net revenues
Payback time:
Payback time depends on the cost of the audit conducted, which can vary from one country to another, on the type of company audited, number of sites it has, quality of input documentation, etc.; usually ranges from € 3 000 to € 5 000; with higher prices for more complex cases, in stronger markets, or in European markets where prices are generally above average European prices
Medium cost

Weaving savings from non-wovens

  • Expert audit reveals ways to improve processes and better use waste materials
  • Annual material savings of around 3 % of net revenue

Suominen Kuitukankaat Oy is the global market leader in non-wovens for wipes, employing nearly 650 people in Europe and in the Americas.

Line 44 and the group's main production plant at Nakkila in Finland were systematically audited in 2016. The plant produces non-wovens as roll goods for re-processors. Non-wovens are used, for instance, in wet wipes, wound dressings and hygiene products like sanitary towels. The main raw materials are polyester, polypropylene and viscose fibres.

The material audit based on Motiva’s model was carried out at the production plant in order to find concrete savings and optimise cost flows concerning raw materials. The audit resulted in many improvements in the processing of raw materials and residue reuse at the plant, thus creating concrete savings.

Key benefits

  • Reuse of residue raw materials is a much more cost-effective solution than burning the waste material
  • Annual savings potential of the suggested improvements at the plant corresponds to 3 % of company net revenues
  • Annual potential to decrease waste is around 260 tonnes

Suominen resource efficiency policy, see Suominen Corporation’s Annual Report 2016, page 28-29…

Motiva's material audit model,

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