Maltese bank harvests rain water

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Saving for a rainy day

  • 14 % of APS’ water needs are met by recycled water
  • 36 % is provided through rain-water harvesting 

APS Bank Malta offers typical financial solutions including deposits, home loans, personal loans and investments for both personal and business clients.

The importance of water saving has been communicated to the bank’s employees, leading to more water-conscious consumption. The bank has also focused its efforts on rain-water harvesting and installing water-efficient sanitary fittings.

Rain water is collected from the head office’s roof and stored in water tanks. Reject or 'grey' water from domestic reverse-osmosis units is also stored for recycling. This so-called ‘second-class’ water is used for flushing toilets, irrigation, firefighting drills and washing floors. Restrooms at APS' head office have been fitted with sensor-controlled water dispensers on both wash-hand basin taps as well as toilet flush functions.

Key results

These measures have significantly reduced water use in the bank, which has had a positive impact on the utilities bill. Today, arond 14 % of the bank’s water needs are met by recycled water and 36 % is provided through rain-water harvesting. 

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