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INEGI- INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND INNOVATION IN MECHANICAL AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING is an industry-oriented Research and Technology Organization (RTO) with an organizational structure based on three pillars of activity: research with applied focus, innovation and technology transfer and consulting and advanced engineering services.

The research activity covers the areas of:

Advanced production processes   
Experimental mechanics
Applied mechanics
New materials
Development of new products and systems

The research infrastructure includes a broad set of well-equipped laboratories and an extensive engineering tools base for supporting its R&D activity as well as the production of industrial or commercial prototypes.

With a workforce of 220 employees, INEGI is a Non-profit Private association with a turnover of 8.0 million euros. More than 55% of this turnover comes from R&D and innovation projects funded by the industry. In addition, a strong collaboration (over… INEGI has a very complete set of resources to support their activity, particularly for laboratories to carry out experimental work, workshops for development of components and pre-series and a comprehensive set of tools to support engineering activity such as CAD 3D (Computer Aided Design), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), structural simulation tools, IDEAS, COSMOS and ABAQUS, casting processes, simulation, polymer injection, CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) and state of the art tools to work in wind energy, flow simulation of atmospheric and geographic information systems.
. The responsiveness of INEGI, in developing solutions for the industry, is supported on a wide range of skills related to the field of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering and innovation of products and processes. INEGI often forms partnerships with other R&I institutions in terms of expertise. In its relationship with companies, normally project teams are formed with the participation of company staff in order to maximize the transfer and enhancement of knowledge.

The Institute has a cross-cutting intervention covering a wide range of industries. However, there are some sectors where INEGI has had a more significant impact and that are considered strategic for the development of the economic fabric. These sectors include: ENERGY, METALWORKING, PRODUCTION SYSTEMS, TRANSPORT, AERONAUTICS, SPACE AND DEFENCE, SEA ECONOMY, ENVIRONMENT, PUBLIC SECTOR, SERVICES SECTOR and HEALTH.

The Services provided are:

- Rapid Prototyping

- Characterisation of Materials and Structures

- Vibration and…. Yes. service.

Aeronautics & space - Automotive - Consumer goods/products - Energy - Environment - Measurement - Healthcare - Machinery - Textiles
Process industry (processing of novel materials, structures, etc.) - Monitoring and control - Additive manufacturing - High-performance, high precision processing - High performance materials (strong, light weight, resistant) - Optoelectronics (optical networks, optical sensors) - Equipment technology - Heterogeneous integration/embedded systems - Laser based applications - Optical components & systems