INDESCAT Aims to Minimise its Carbon Footprint with the Help of the Towards Green Transition Facility

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 18 October 2021

INDESCAT (the Catalan sports cluster) is a cluster that brings together companies and organisations from the Catalan sport industry to develop actions to improve their competitiveness and environmental sustainability.

Currently, INDESCAT represents more than 100 businesses and has a turnover of almost €2.4 million. INDESCAT was selected as one of 25 clusters to receive help from the ECCP’s Towards Green Transition Facility.

Speaking of the impact the Towards Green Transition Facility has had, Montse Centellas, International Manager at INDESCAT, explains that the cluster and its members organise large-scale sporting events which are very beneficial for participants in terms of health and social aspects, but which harm the surrounding natural environments as they have a high carbon footprint.

Thanks to the facility, INDESCAT has been able to create a sustainability guide for outdoor sporting events. The guide aims to minimise the negative impact on the environment.

The guide is also important since the green transition is a trending topic in the Catalan region and the cluster will publish the guide as it is a must for all sports organisers.

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