Ice-cream maker switches to LED lamps and boosts yearly savings

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Energy Carbon
Manufacture of food, beverages and tobacco
Investment cost:
Low cost
Low cost
Co2 emission reduction:
Reduction of 1361 kg CO2
Size of company:
Micro (less than 10)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

LED lights also 'enlighten' your purse...

  • Ice-cream manufacturer strives to make production more environmentally friendly
  • In 2016, the company switched to LED lamps which saved 4 860 kWh and € 700 annually

Franz Leonardelli KG is a family business and operates three ice-cream parlours in Vienna and the surrounding area. The company uses natural ingredients, and prioritises fair trade and organic produce where possible. 

Having such a strong focus on sustainable and organic raw materials, the company is constantly looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly.

Key results

One simple but effective measure implemented in 2016 was to change 50 regular lamps into LED lamps (6 instead of 60 watts) which led to a yearly saving of € 700. This also led to a yearly reduction of 1361 kg CO2.

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