Horizon Results Platform: Making Results Matter!

Submitted by ECCP Team on 16 April 2024

MAKING RESULTS MATTER on the European Commission’s Horizon Results Platform

In the dynamic landscape of research and innovation, the EC Horizon Results Platform (HRP) is actively fostering the transformation of research outcomes into tangible solutions that shape our society and economy. With an unwavering commitment to promoting EC-funded research results, HRP serves as a catalyst for innovation across diverse business sectors.

One of the key strategies employed by HRP is the organization of dedicated matchmaking and brokerage events. These events are connecting researchers, investors, corporates, and other stakeholders, facilitating the rapid uptake of innovative solutions. Through targeted activities and training sessions, HRP endeavours to enhance the valorisation of research results, ensuring their market uptake.

Moving forward, HRP is transitioning from a "supply-side" model to a comprehensive platform catering to both supply and demand. Actors ranging from investors and corporates to municipalities and universities will be able to create profiles on HRP, showcasing their areas of interest and specific needs. This shift will streamline the matchmaking process, making it easier for EU R&I programme participants to find suitable collaboration.

Cluster Managers, recognized as pivotal players in the business support ecosystem, are encouraged to leverage the offerings of HRP. By promoting various EC-funded projects to publish their KERs* on HRP, Cluster Managers can increase the visibility of these projects and foster fruitful collaboration. Additionally, HRP actively collaborates with key movers in the startup ecosystem, business angels and other networks of investors, by offering curated lists of candidates on HRP to pitch or exhibit at events, thus maximizing the impact of the R&I funded innovations.

Moreover, HRP envisions an even more robust ecosystem for innovation. Initiatives such as the HRP Marketplace and the HRP Start-up Initiative promise to maximise the visibility of solutions while providing avenues for funding and collaboration. The revamped Funding and Tenders Portal aims to enhance the user experience, making navigation on HRP seamless and interactive. Furthermore, closer collaboration with entities such as the EIT KICs is fostering innovation across Europe.

The HRP TV platform is celebrating the entrepreneurial journey from laboratory breakthroughs to market-ready solutions. Through shared success stories and best practices, HRP TV serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and innovation.

In conclusion, the EC Horizon Results Platform (HRP) stands at the forefront of innovation, bridging the gap between research and commercialization with unwavering dedication. As it continues to evolve and expand its offerings, HRP remains committed to empowering researchers, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders in their quest to build a sustainable and prosperous future.

* A Key Exploitable Result (KER) is an identified main interesting result which has been selected and prioritised due to its high potential to be “exploited” – meaning to make use and derive benefits- downstream the value chain of a product, process or solution, or act as an important input to policy, further research, or education. The criteria that make a result Key Exploitable are (a) the degree of innovation, (b) their exploitability and (c) their impact.

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