The HempClub's ClusterXChange in Milan Promoted Circular Solutions for Textile Industry

Submitted by Sara Daniotti on 28 February 2024


Author: Maria Elena Saija - Lombardy Green Chemistry Association

In a 3-days event , from February 26 to 28, 2024, the ClusterXChange titled "Circular solutions for the textile value chains: design, disintegration, sorting, defibration and recycling," was successfully organized in Milan by the HempCluB project in collaboration with Federcanapa. The event aimed to bring together professionals and stakeholders dedicated to revolutionizing the textile industry through actionable strategies and innovative approaches to integrate circular solutions.

Day 1: Focus Groups and EcoDesign Workshop

The first day the participants participated in focus groups and brainstorming sessions to generate innovative solutions. Visitors also had the opportunity to attend the "EcoDesign and LCA - natural and synthetic fiber comparison" workshop, fostering a transformative dialogue and collaborative network. The focus was on accelerating research and commercial growth in hemp-based materials for the bioeconomy, providing a comprehensive understanding of the market.

Day 2: Conference on Textile Fibres Recovering and Recycling

During the second day, participants have the great opportunity to assist at the "Ideas and Solutions for textile fibres recovering and recycling" conference, presented by Chimica Verde Bionet and Federcanapa in collaboration with the University of Milano-Bicocca and the HempCluB project. Addressing the recovery and reuse of textile fibres, the event focused on mechanical processes and applications in textiles, clothing, furnishings, and non-woven fabrics. Shared knowledge aimed to tackle industry challenges, promote sustainable practices, and instigate positive change within the textile sector.



Day 3: Milano "Filo" Fair - International B2B Trade Show

The final day was dedicated to the Milano "Filo" Fair, an international B2B trade show of yarns and fibers. Participants had the occasion to engage in meetings with sector operators, gaining insights from industry experts and visionaries shaping the future of textile sustainability. The fair served as an excellent platform for exchanging knowledge, identifying collaboration opportunities, and supporting commercial growth in hemp-based innovative materials.

Outcome and Future Prospects

The three-day exchange provided a valuable opportunity to gain insights, collaborate, and promote the European hemp industry globally. Visitors gained knowledge from industry experts, explored potential collaborations, and identified commercial opportunities in the bioeconomy. The event reinforced collaboration and networking among actors of EU hemp-based value chains, contributing to the ongoing growth and promotion of sustainable practices in the European hemp industry.

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